Monday, October 20, 2008

Cairo day 49 first spider sighting...


Today was the first day of classes of my second session.
My first two hours of class was with Hani, the same teacher I had for colloquial Arabic last month. He is positively awesome and an excellent teacher. I'm really happy with him as our teacher. He says our goal is not to become proficient in Arabic media understanding but, rather, our goal is to learn strategies we will be able to apply to continue understanding and furthering our study of Arabic medias.
There are only 6 people in this class, half of, I feel compelled to mention are Swedish...? wtf...

My afternoon was with an equally delightful although my meager sleep infringed upon my full learning capacity... lol... Good teacher, I like her already much more than my last month's formal Arabic teacher. Should be good learning times.

After class I chilled with Angela. She showed me where there's a post office by Tahrir square. It's super small and hidden. Totally weird. I'm going back tomorrow to send stuff from there. Preparing the envelopes tonight. Shouldn't be more than 4 pounds to send a letter to the USA.

By the way, I saw my FIRST spider here at an ahuah (coffeeshop). It was crawling on my table. I wish I could name its species and all that.

I was also going to mention how I have not noticed any birds here yet. Which is true. But yesterday I saw some ravens from outside our balcony's window. And today I saw smaller birds, like sparrows. I think they're migrating here for winter. Pretty cool.

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