Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cairo day 46


Woke up late today, it's the holy-day of friday and there's a guy yelling outside on a microphone who sounds really pissed. Oh, that's just the sermon, I think. If only I could understand... soon... I could be an asset to the us gov for potential terrorist cells.

Just caught up on month-old emails. Going to put meem and prof mello in touch for when she goes to Brazil. Maybe he can show her around like he did to me and the guys.
Also looked into voting and it's not too late. sigh... nora jones... But I might have to go there on Monday therefore skip school for one day.

Today I met with Rochan from school and her convo partner. I'm going to adopt him from her because she's moving to Kenya for volunteer work in a hospital.
She'll also be in Buenos Aires next semester for 2 weeks in April. We'll def have to hang out when she's there. It's nice to have something to look forward to/have an Arabic convo date set up so far in advance. Adel, an Algerian/French friend from school might be there as well.
My convo partner's name is Atef. He's pretty cool. In college, learned Spanish instead English so now he's fluent in Spanish and it trying to learn English. So we had a really nice, productive time, using Spanish, sadly, as a mediating language.
We might be meeting again tomorrow to go buy sweaters.

Then Sofie and I had a very enjoyable conversation on Skype :-)

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