Friday, October 17, 2008

Cairo day 45 Thursday


Last day of class for this first session.
3:15 met Chris and his friend Jordan at al-Falaki square in front of Hurriya. Walked over to Abadyne Palace to visit its museum. This museum has treaties, presents, objects, Egypt has received as presents from other world leaders. A koran from Saddam Hussein... pretty cool.
Unfortunately it closes at 2pm everyday...

Chilled at a coffee place for about 1.5 hours, talking got to know Jordan better. She seems like a nice match for Chris and he's quite interested(I made sure to mention my girlfriend a few times). Same interests, smart, (she got the NSEP scholarship) and fun. APPROVED. (More potential than Mai)
We walked through the neighborhood that sells electrical appliances and lights. This was pretty funny.
We also got, following my initiative, street sweet potatoes. Only 2 pounds. As sun was setting we continued to get closer to downtown. Then Jordan had to go to work, she works nights at an ngo. But these goodbyes took about 30 minutes so I'm assuming she was enjoying herself.
Chris and I wandered some more around downtown. We found a reaaally nice meat/vegetable based bread snack -the new shwarma- but far less readily available.
Went to his place for the first time.
Let me take a moment to describe how jealous I am of it. At first sight. It's clean, simple, has reaally high ceilings. No internet and no living room. A bit small. But probably much cheaper. baaa I still like my place better, but I wouldn't mind switching for a month.

We started watching "21" a movie about MIT students going to Las Vegas to count cards and make money. About 30 minutes into it I said to Chris, "If you want to I'm willing to watch another movie, because, this one, well, I can see where it's going..." bad acting, bad writing, predictable. We made a U-turn and changed lanes to the superior "No Country Old Men" which was reeaaaaally good. Chris had already seen it but it was awesome. Such a good story. Reminded me of "Capote"

Came home, read an email from Gwladys about how she's really interested in coming here nov 8-11th with a friend of hers. Should be short and sweet. We'll see if it happens.

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