Monday, October 20, 2008

Cairo day 48


Had a relatively productive day.
Did Arabic, studied from my 401 Arabic verbs book. Called a modeling agency and it seemed pretty straightforward as far as getting work with them. Tomorrow I'm getting a haircut for sure and the day after going over there for some photos.
Also emailed my advisor to make sure I'm exactly on track for graduation at the end of Fall 2009. That took a long time as my email was very detailed and precise.

At 18h I had Chris and Angela over for pasta and a pasta tomatoe sauce. Fun stuff, Chris and I made most of it, Angela came late so we had her do the messy mango carving. Food was quite good. Then we sat on the balcony and had out smoothies with, I'd say 50cl of vodka. But I don't think it was real as it didn't taste very strong at all. Only 10 pounds though. The smoothies had no effect whatsoever on any of us. But it was still fun to make. Took some pictures, though not nearly enough.

Then we went to this friend of Angela's named Mohammed. Mohammed (M) is more american than ANYONE I have EVER met. He watched every american tv show worth watching (he says) and has an illegal copy of everymovie you may want. He also has a perfect american accent, and a very nice voice, by the way. For the first 20 minutes I didn't see him and could only hear his squeeky american voice. He didn't look at all like what I though he would based on his voice.

On the way there we passed by Al-Azhar mosque and Khan al-Khalili... on the way back we passed by the Everest hotel...

We played taboo at his place. I slept a lot, in my narcolepctic way of sleeping. We ordered pizza. He made us cake. We talked. We left his place at 3h30... holy fucking shit. I should NOT have had those two cups of coffee because now I really cannot sleep and I'm going to be fried for the next 3 days.

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