Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cairo day 43 Aliens and street art.

a few thoughts.

I've noticed that there a good deal of taxi drivers who sleep in their taxis. I get the feeling that they're homeless.
This ties in with the fact that an activist girl in my formal Arabic class told me there are 750000 homeless people living in a cemetery somewhere in Cairo. I'm not sure HOW to verify that # but it is def the # she told me.

In passing, same girl just decided to go back to telaviv where she's from. Didn't even say goodbye. wtf? manners... damn Israelis have NONE. ByE the way, you're not reading this, but, same girl, I hope you are feeling better, less sick or cairo physically, and mentally if that applies. God damn you for never calling us about a street-art-tour of Cairo.

Another Random Thought:
Girls who wear a hijab here, or just a shall, who wear their hair up underneath it, look like Aliens from the Aliens movie. There are also quite a few Aliens who lurk the streets of Cairo.

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nayru said...

Remarkable. One of my friends told me how a dutch scientist/psychic had predicted that yesterday would be The Day that The Aliens would enter into contact with the citizens of earth. I find his warnings and your findings& referral to those visitors from outer space, a nice coincidence.