Friday, October 10, 2008

Cairo day 38

So today I completed the discovery of a small restaurant by my school. It sells taemia, an egyptian equivalent to falafel, for one pound (about 20 UScents).
Taemia is a piece of pita bread filled with two falafel equivalents, some sauce and some vegetables. Needless to say, for 2 pounds one has a nice little lunch. This was a godsend as I have recently been on a quest for a budget of 100 pounds of ekel (food) a week.

After school I came home. Read and rested. Went out to a birthday party of a friend of Mai and Anas' of whom I've decided I don't really like. She took us to a place which charged a minimum of 50 pounds per person. I found this out after we arrived, or course. Anyway, I only bought 15 pounds worth of chocolate cake. Not even that good. I'm not sure about the 50 pounds though. Last time they said there was a 100 pound minimum charge they didn't end up respecting it. Figured they would do that here as well and just say so to get us to spend more. This whole 50 pounds thing totally goes against my precedent paragraph. plus the place was shitty, they only played music half the time. Anyway, the french party I went to after was way cooler.

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