Saturday, October 11, 2008

cairo day 40 spiders

There are no Spiders in Cairo. I have not seen one since I've been here.
I miss you spiders.
Come back to meeee.

Spider in Arabic is 3nkabout (ankabout)


Uma said...

you're so lucky

Nayru said...

my, i shall send you some. did i ever tell you I raised a spider last year during my june exams? from an itty bitty one no bigger than the point that ends this sentence, to a humongous beast that was at least a hundred times bigger. fed him lots of drosophila (on where those came from, please do not inquire further) marjan baptised him Frankie. my mother and i released him in the wild right before I left for the US. my class friends thought i was losing it a bit.

oh, and what i meant to say in the first place : kabouter means gnome in dutch. the arabic word for those eight legged sweethearts made me think of it. kusje