Friday, October 10, 2008

Cairo day 39

Last night I talked to my dad and my sis on skype for the first time. This was quite heartwarming, it was nice to see and hear them. They were in the living room watching Iron Man together... I don't fully approve the this choice in movies...
It was so late here, that it was even late there. My dad had to go to bed because he had to wake up about the same time as it was in Cairo, the next day (6h30)

I slept until 10h. made breakfast. Mostafa my friendly 8th floor neighbor came over to have me try on some clothes for the wedding he invited me too. Ended up just borrowing his iron to iron my own clothes which were suitable to the occasion. Then I slept more. Practiced the relaxing technique that S taught me. It was actually so relaxing that I couldn't fall asleep and was just enjoyed being relaxed. Pretty funny in a weird way. I def can't fall asleep on my back if I'm alone.

Slept until 16h. Watched France 24 news in French on our tv. Made myself a noodle/potato/onion mash up for dinner. Surprisingly satisfying.

The wedding was really nice. It was in a Roman-Catholic church, not a Muslim wedding as I assumed. Very bright, musical, all the woman were wearing short dresses, made up etc... the whole 9 yards, even a limousine to deliver the bride and groom to the church.
The ceremony was in Arabic/Latin/Greek(Ithink)
It was about 45 minutes long. There were two crowns involved. One was placed on each of the newlyweds' heads and exchanged a few times. I think at one point they said "I do" in arabic and voila. Took lots of pictures and video. It was a very cool experience.

Now I'm at home, probably going to buy tickets for Belgium and France for this Christmas.

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