Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cairo day 42 updated

I'm supposed to talk about my school in the entry. It's late and I am lazy. Tomorrow, or maybe this weekend.
sorry people!

The school I am currently attending is ILI (international Language Institute). It is NOT affiliated with UIUC although I am going to try to change this because the current UIUC Egypt option is grim.

It is based out of London, is private and caters to mainly European, American and International students, in that order. You'll find your average 40 year old american who dreams of becoming a spy and saving his country from terrorism as you will your average 20 something-year-old Swede who's parents immigrated from Irak when he was 3 but who still somehow speaks Kurd...
The students are generally friendly and interesting.

There are probably 70 students, 15 teachers, 10 admins, 7 staff. An overpriced cafeteria and balconies make for nice socializing areas. A computer room makes for a nice extra-socializing area...
They offer two types of classes, formal and colloquial Arabic. I take both. They also offer calligraphy and media classes.

The staff is generally nice although I get the feeling they are trying to get as much money from you as possible, especially with the cafeteria. This was especially felt with a 50 pound iftar meal which was not worth it. That was the last time I ate there. Most people have discovered the nearby restaurant which has meals for one fifth the price. Knowledge is power.

I have a test tomorrow. I found out about it today. I should go study my butt off for the next 6 hours.

I wonder if my dad still has my plant named harahachiboo.

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