Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cairo day 41 girilz

In colloquial class, our teacher was telling us about a funny story having to do with the difference between the words grill and girl. This happened to him the first day he went to study in Denmark maybe 18 years ago and his English was not that good.

He was famished and strolling around looking for a place to appease his hunger. He had not yet eaten anything since his arrival. He set out down a street (I don't remember the street's name) and was approached by a woman asking him if he wanted "a grill". He was very happy to hear this and replied with alacrity. So then he asked her how much for 'a grill' thinking this as a food. She gave him a price of something like 100 USD and he thought woooaa, food in Denmark is reaaally expensive.
Well anyway, I'm butchering this funny story but once he realized that that was not a really really big shwarma/kebab/sandwich but in fact a nicely shaped Danish prostitute, he quickly declined, embarrassed, trying to explain the misunderstanding - or so he said... haha

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