Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cairo day 79

Day 59 has been updated.


I know there's no point in writing about what happened last tuesday, as it's already Sunday, but, I like to keep in mind the diary aspect of this blog, for later reading.

School was fine. Leaning towards thie NO Ameeya side. Talked to Angela about Risala NGO we'll go there together on R, she started teaching English. She's also stopping Colloquial, btw (252 Euros)

Went home around 16h30 after email stuff. Atef was busy today. Ate, watched news, got summoned to the Ahua around 19h. Chatted, played 5games of chess. Won 4. Had hw checked by one of the guys there too. Everyone is super nice, evern the jester who jokes about being Bin Laden & me being Bush when we play chess. He cheats and then looses anyway...
More hw, got ahead on vocab.
Still, morning headache, hangover feeling...
Moreover, worried about a lump in my neck by my ear, cyst, maybe should go away soon. Emailed doctor on Embassy's website anyway. Not super worried.
Have another cold sore on my bottom right lip. Probably due to intense pollution.
Lights out 0h32. Looking forward to Dec 21st.

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