Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cairo Day 78


First day of my third month of class! Half way through the semester! 20h/week, 9 weeks = 180 hours so far! of class only!

I'm really hesitating to continue with colloquial Arabic classes. They're from 9h-11h. Don't know if it's worth it. I think I could learn more outside of class, or doing stuff on my own. I could/should/colloquial should be practiced, not learned... The teacher is OK, speaks clearly, seemed nice enough at first sight. Another foreseeable problem is that of NOT using those two hours in a productive manner. To avoid this, I would come to school at 9h anyway and study on my own from Media Arabic book or my colloquial book, both of which I still have many chapters to go in.
Or, I could actually start volunteering at that NGO like I said I would 2 months ago -UPDATE: just talked to Angela after school and we're going there this Thursday after class.

Foosha (formal Arabic) was good again, same teacher as last month's session.
Met with Atef, spoke about as much Arabic/English as we did Spanish... but productive, as a whole.
Did HW, made dinner, steamed carrots and pasta. Went out with Karime, and Egyptian I met here while Gwladys and I were buying milk at the supermarket. He speaks French and English. Just chatted, mostly in French, some Arabic. He's nice can be on the snob side. I think I just have to find the right subjects to talk about and he's fine.
Email from dad. He has a new girlfriend. seems to be something good.

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