Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cairo day 87(85)...


Thanks to a nifty little date calculator, I learned that today is actually my 85th days in Cairo... how typical of me...

Had a SUPER good session with Atef. ALL in arabic/english with much talking and learning on both sides. We sat in the same place for 3 hours from 15h30 til 18h30. Had to leave because I was supposed to have a doctor's appointment at 21h but what do you know... even doctors recommended on the American Embassy's website are not reliable...(he had forgotten the password to his email account...)

Did some homework, mostly wrote a paper. Also went to the ahuah to have it looked over by Islam. There happened to be a soccer game on at the time, Ahaly v.s. Egypt. It was almost over though. Stayed up until 2h working on my paper and probably til 3h restless in bed. I think the pollution has subsided. It's good not to be able to sleep again.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Made sure to educated Atef and Islam about this. I have been assigned to make deviled eggs and bring cutlery.

Also looking forward to this weekend, even though we have school on Sunday. Should be going horseback riding in the dessert and meeting more Egyptians with Angela at the NGO.

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