Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cairo Day 83


Woke up 12h30... didn't eat any breakfast, started reading a book called "Chicago"
Fixed the water heater/figured it out. Learned Arabic vocab from ch. 8 and 3 ~35 words. Ate houwaoushee and koshari for dinner at ahua. Chess with Islam? going out with Ahmed? Bitching about getting my mac back from Hossam. He said it'll be ready on Tuesday, I told him I want it back before that with or without a new hard drive. FUCK! EGYPT! FUCK EGYPT! i need that back!! ouff... I'm calm again...

In gerneral, starting to feel like Egypt and ARabic isn't all that. Couldn't live in Egypt bc of the the pollution. (this just in, according to Islam from the Ahua, the pollution is only like this during the month of November, just can't live here in Nov.)
and when I watch Al-Jazeera, it seems every other word that comes out of interviewees' mouths is in English. All educated arabs know English relatively well. Sticking to it though, maybe it'll pay off or I'll change my mind about not liking Cairo.
Assuming Arabic will get me a way cooler/higher paying job this could be worth it. Met a Sudanese media coordinator at the Mugamma today who speak Arabic and English and seemed like she had a cool job.

w/ a US gov job, you get 500$ more/month or $6000 more/year just for speaking Arabic and $200 more per month or $2400 more per year. Could also pay off in a few years.
Read more of Chicago, up to page 100.

No news from Sofie, since Wednesday, quite worried.

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