Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cairo Day 81


Volunteered with A, taught Egyptians english, "cuz" was found in a Egyptian English newspaper, they wanted to know what "cuz" means... I can't believe someone published that in a newspaper... Only in Egypt... Lasted 2 hours, felt like they got a lot out of it. Walked from Zamalek to Tahrir w A. Each got a McDdonald's smoothie, 5 pounds, glorious, as Chris would say.
Met with Atef for 2 hours until 21h
Went home, watched an awesome documentary (mousajilia) on ARTE about luminescent sea creatures. Ate three yogurts. Slept from 22h to 1h, went back to bed, too much inertia to get out of bed to go to Palmira *belly dancers*. Slept, again, from 1h-9h30. Sleeping is just so easy and feels so right.

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