Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cairo day 86


This was probably the most boring/best/shittiest day ever.
Did a good deal of studying after school today, was waiting for Atef to call so we could meet. Studied more at home because I wanted to have my work done before I went out in case Atef called. When I talked to him he canceled because he was too tired. I think he spent the whole day at the military bureaucracy so I could see why.
Did like 140 push ups while watching Obama's economic press conference. This felt good.
My computer is in the hands of an actual friend of mine now, not just a friend of a friend of a friend. Should be getting it back tomorrow. This was the good news.
Slept with ear plugs which are the best invention ever.
The hot water still is not working even though our landlord came by to fix it while I had my earplugs in.

Thursday is Thanksgiving! something to look forward too!

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