Monday, November 17, 2008

Cairo day 75

For some reason I felt like i had a hangover today. This feeling finally subsided around 3pm...
Visited Cairo University with Islam, dude from my local coffee shop, with whom i play chess and hang out in Arabic.

Cairo Uni is pretty cool. Even though it was a day off and there were no classes students were still on campus, hanging out, probably because it's a safe haven from the outside world. Most girls were covered though.
Had a nice talk about religion with Islam... no pun intended... how ironic... on the rules they dictate and 'who' wrote such rules

stole Le Monde from a french centre in the Uni and read it.
Was bored and went back to the ahua and played 6 games of chess, won 4.
dealing with a super expensive 388 LE electric bill... there's no way we used that much this past month... negotiating with out landlord and electric co should be interesting...