Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cairo Day 84


Slept 6 hours, woke up at 8am to go to the Mogamma with A. Was surprisingly quick, painless and efficient... although I need to go back tomorrow because of a reentry visa., to pick up my passport.

Came back, did hw. Angela has a bf now, she was hiding him for the past few weeks... sneaky, Hatim, a super nice Egyptian, met him a few time in the past, always at night.

Watched this Korean soap opera/drama tv show "coffee prince" really good, all about korean people and their love stories. A nice incite to Korean culture, and its people, whom I've loved ever since 9th Grade (hoot hoot out to JinWoo Kong wherever you may by (Australia last I heard))

Got some ingredients to make delicious dinner here. It's cooking in the stove as I write... should be delicious... and just had popcorn...

Going to el-Fishawy coffee shop later tonight with Chris, Angela, Jordan, Rahmo. Should be fun. Getting cold out though.
Still no news from Sofie, very troubling.

Just made cookies :) chocolate :)
speaking of which, i'm dry out of cote d'or again...


Thibault said...

A Korean friend of mine told me "coffe prince" is a crap TV show !! ahah

. said...

Hey! It's quite fun if you're a non-Korean making fun of Koreans! aha! tell that to your friend!