Friday, February 20, 2009

Chicago departure

Monday 02/16/2009

Packed all morning. Went to the airport. Upon arrival, was told I could not go to Argentina without proof that I would be studying abroad. Wow, stress, more of it. Called my study abroad provider, found out that this was not my fault, that 5 other students had encountered the same problem. The visa requirements just changed: a tourist may not stay in Argentina for more than 3 months without a visa, except if they're studying. Had to go to the UPS store and print out proof of acceptance.

Anyway, now I'm in Dulles listening to Loscil (thank you Zac). Talked to S for 45 minutes. Warned her about the problem.

Looking forward to finishing this french novel T gave me about three years ago.

Looking forward to arriving there and taking the taxi directly to orientation.

Looking forward to stealing a wireless connection in Buenos Aires.

Looking forward to studying 30 minutes of Arabic a day while Sophie does 30 minutes of Tibetan... ( predicted lifespan: one week)

Looking forward to finding a mosque and stealing an Egyptian to practice with.

"Frankly, R, Cairenes whores don't appeal to me."

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zac. said...

I am listening to Loscil myself as I read this... Plume is all I listen to lately...
I'm very jealous, I've been wanting to go to Argentina for quite some time now, maybe I'll come and visit you and sophie.

Enjoy the confusion,