Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Argentina day 5

Saturday 21/02/2009

Woke up at 11h30. With a headache, ears still hurting, happy that breakfast was waiting for me.
Then I discovered our fourth resident as I turned the corner into the kitchen... a turtle! (between roger and this, I'm really unlucky) Greta has a pet turtle and it happened to be eating its morning lettuce just then. I dunno, it was weird to see a turtle in the context of getting milk from the fridge. Greta came by a few minutes later with his introduction and then put him on the balcony. She informed me of the potential "bichos" problem (I smiled because thanks to a special someone I learned this word yesterday) but claimed they came from other apartments..

Went out with a little group by the port. Discovered my new delicious equivalent of Hawaoushi... don't remember its name though. And bonded a little with Gregor, a German student who is 'double' studying abroad.

Read some more of "your inner fish" a pretty good book so far, talks about how
we're descendants of fish, really interesting and well written.

Went out again, took the subte, after dinner with like 9 people, we went out for drinks, Gregor and I shared two liters of beer (quilmes) the local Egyptian stella equivalent.

استيقظت في ساعة عشرة مع صداع و أدني بيجاني على طول و سعيد إن الإفطار كان ينتظرني.
ثم اكتشفت الربع ساكن في سقتنا عندما دورت في المطبخ... صلحفاة! (بين روجر ال فار و هذا، لا عنددي حظ) جرتة عندها سلحفاة و حدث هي بيكل خسها في هذه لحظة. لا اعرف، ممكن دي غريب جدا ان سوف صلحفاة في سواق الاخذالحليب من الثلاجة في السباح. جرتة ذهبت بعض دقيقة بعد و عرفنيه، و جاءته في البالكون. اعلمتني إن المشكلة الحشرات.

خرجت مع مجموعة صغيرة نحو الميناء. اكتشفت مساوني جديد الهواوشي... ولكن لا اتذكر اسمه. و اسبحت اكثر سضيق مع جرجور، طالب الماني من جامعة برينستون.

اكرت اكثر من كتابي، كتاب جيد جدا ان كيف نحن يصلون من ال اسماك.

خرجت مرة اخرة و أخذت المترو. غدءت مع ٩ افراد، و بعد ذلك شربنا بيرات، غرغور و انا شربنا يثنين ليتر بيرة يسمها "كيلمس" و مي متل بيرة ستلة مصرية.


kate said...

hi cuz!!!!! i wish i could read arabic. :) so you're reading inner fish too? russ musta rubbed off on you. i'm glad you're having such great experiences. i'm so proud of you! (can i say that?!) take care of yourself be safe HAVE FUN. ps do you like keane? my friend's touring w/ them in south america right now...

Uma said...

somebody's MIA.