Sunday, February 22, 2009

Argentina day 2

Wednesday 18/02/2009

I befriended a guy named Sam today. He seems nice but one thing we have in common so far is that we both only speak Spanish. We met during an architecture tour provided by a travel agency via our school. By the way, I live in the nice part of town... clearly, it's super wealthy based on the shops, apartments, hotels, embassies, etc... Architecturally, Buenos Aires looks exactly like France. Even more so, the streets do, everything does, the side walks, I think they even use the same asphalt... So yea, really, I'm studying abroad in France with a Castellano tango.

Oh, we had our oral exams today. I think mine went well. My interviewer, Diego, seemed to be happy with my level. And besides not really remembering the past tense anymore, I think I did well. Just basically asked me to talk in Spanish which is fine because that's what I've been doing all day. I've gotten a few comments from other students how my Spanish is pretty good compared to theirs, so we'll see, the results will be in on Friday; not sure at all what they'll mean though.

Sam and I met a girl who is Serbian who is learning Arabic. It was cool speaking in Arabic a little but she can't say much. S and G and J could have said more with what i've taught them.

I went for a walk before my copious dinner. My goal was the French Embassy and back. Got lost, but it's ok here because I live in a good neighborhood. There were people in the streets sorting garbage at almost every corner. It seems like they were sorting the plastic from the rest. Strange to see that in such a nice neighborhood.

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