Friday, February 20, 2009

Argentina day 1

Tuesday 02/17/2009

Arrived on time. Shared a taxi with a student who is coming back for his second semester here. Got the down-low from him.
My program sent me directly to my host family. There I had greenbeans and pasta for lunch. Then I went right back to some session on how to use the Bus system in BA. Kinda useful although I lost the map/pamphlet right after...
Met some people, walked around with them, trying to find cell phones.
came home, ate, slept from like 22h til 8h30 with at three hour pause in between.

Written during some orientation session which was held in Spanish (everything is): I miss Arabic. I really want to speak it instead of Spanish. I keep on hearing Arabic words when people are speaking Spanish. I keep on thinking of everything I'm going to say in Arabic first, then in Spanish, then I say it. Speaking is a slow process for me and I still blurb out words in Arabic and barely catch them.

Also, it's going to be really weird going back to class again and taking "academic" classes per se. Especially when they're all in Spanish.

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