Sunday, February 22, 2009

Argentina day 4

Friday 20/02/2009

First day of Porteño class. Really liked my teacher. She remembered my written exam, said that she corrected it at 2am and it made her really hungry. I excused myself, people laughed. We have an assignment to do for Monday which is designed to have us go out and discover more of the city, I have two other partners, still need to contact them.

oh, also I tried buying a cell phone, but I don't have enough money. I think there is $1 left on my account. So I'll be living on the 200 pesos that are left in my wallet until Monday at the earliest. I'm glad I didn't buy a phone earlier because I would have had to not eat/go out this weekend.

Around 1h I met up with some people. We went out for a few drinks, had a corona and a caipiriña (brasilian drink, Fe, you still make them the best). Around 2:30 we went into this club niceto which started off with a live indie rock band. They were alright. Bu then this awesome 80's electro pop music started playing. I loved this. It was basically all the music that influenced current techno. I could recognize a good amount of the beats and besides that, it was just generally really good music/dj. As the night moved on, the music did too, towards more modern music. M and I spent the night trying to figure out if P is gay.

Anyway, got home super late. horray for headaches, no hangover though.

Taxi drivers don't drive with their lights on here, just like in Cairo.

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