Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cairo day 98


Had the day off because of Eid. Visited the Egyptian Museum with Jeremy. This was better than I thought, there were more explanations than I expected. We spent about 3 hours there. After this we went for Koshary and coffee at hurreya. Parted ways, he went off to the Coptic Cairo area and I went home to type something in Arabic.

Hot water was fixed. I could go into this happening for 2 paragraphs but that wouldn't be good for my zen level so I shall keep it at that.

After this we got ready for taboula, a nice Lebanese restaurant in Garden city. Angela, Chris, Jordan, Tara and her visiting friend, Asma. Ashref and Rahmo joined us later. Food was delicious, service was typical for Egypt, and the company was great.
Rahmo has officially declared himself a vegetarian as a part of his new trainer's weight loss program. I finally paid Ashref for the new hard drive is friend installed and advance for the old hard drive's recovery...

This was followed by a trip to Metro, the supermarket, because Angela absolutely needed to buy brown sugar... and rolling tobacco... part of her two addictions, caffeine and occasional rolled cigarettes... (all my friends are a bad influence/ I can handle it because their smoking after our meal was gross.

Then we went to the Cairo jazz club... they had some awful live rock band playing there. stayed WAY too late... 2h... sigh... Wednesday's going to be a struggle with more khan al-khalili running around with Jeremy plus a mountain of work which keeps on piling up, almost as high as the bloody pile of sheep/cow innards I was on the street Monday afternoon...

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