Tuesday, December 30, 2008

day 117 Gap

Sunday Gap

Three days after xmas

reaaaally lazy day.
went to see a movie, secret defense in the town center. pretty good. fun because some of it was in arabic. About an biochemical terrorist attack on France and its dismantling. More than 15 terrorist attacks have been stopped by the french secret services since 9/11, according to the last sentence of this movie... "une solution..."

At home finished reading what I deemed fit in the december issue of le monde diplomatique. It's quite good, I think I'll buy the January issue if it comes out while I'm here. I also want to get a copy of "le canard enchainé" because it was cited in one of the souces in the monde and because my uncle robbie used to read it religiously.
Also, started watching Paradise Now in Arabic with English subtitles.
Also started putting my ipod to use with Arabic podcasts from Al-Jazeera.net.

Leaving for Lyon tomorrow. Being welcomed by a nice meal at Antoine's. Thibault will be there as well. Should be good times, let'em roll.

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