Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day 115 Gap

Again, coffee in bed. I love my aunt.

For breakfast, I had a few tartines. But the time had come to summon the mustard from Ghent. I ate a few tartines with it and Camembert. This made me cry a number of times equal to the number of tartines I ate.

Dad got his christmas present. I know because he sent me an email telling me how happy he was with it.
Sat around and read the newspaper. underlined some words I need to look up and go over.

might i mention that my little terrorist cousins were out for the afternoon so the house was really peaceful. Around16h my aunt and I left to go return a few things and also to find a book I wanted to get for my sister for xmas called "la couronne verte" ( we could not remember this title, but I described the plot to the woman working there and she was able to find it... some people... :)

cool thing: My aunt and I go for a beer in a Irish pub to chat a little. We talked about my grandma, she's been living here in Gap for some time now, since November I think, with my family and might be needing to move in permanently, not just for the winter, sometime soon, or into an apartment she bought in Gap. We talked about my sister, how she has practically no memory of our mom, or how my aunt doesn't feel connected to her. Right at this moment, my sister pops her head into the little corner we were sitting in and then runs of. She was looking for the bathroom and had not seen us. So then we got up to see what was up. They were there in the bar, drinking hot chocolate with this ex of Emma's. Guillaume. we heard a lot about him over the summer... or made fun of him a lot... not sure which as they got confused in my head.
anyway, we stopped by at their table as we left. Said hello. Guillaume felt pretty awkward when Aunt/da mom came over. anyway, funny coincidence.

later that night we went ice skating. It was fun being in charge, getting everyone to leave on time so they'd get to bed early for our day of skiing tomorrow. and here I am, up until 2am... such a hypocrite.

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