Friday, December 12, 2008

Cairo Day 100

Jeremy's last day

Before class, Jeremy and I visited the Citadel, and Ibn Tulun Mosque. The Citadel was nothing special and 25LE. I was not that impressed by Muhammad Ali Mosque.

Ibn Tulun, on the other hand, never fails to impress me. I discovered a 2km frise of the koran encircling the mosque. ALSO, the freaking MINARET was open! I did not know this is open to visitors! We also walked on the roof top. So cool. I think Ibn Tulun is my favorite place in Cairo.

Went to class. Heba is so alseep these days. She's boring and it doesn't make class very dynamic.

Came back home for about an hour. Took J to my local ahwa. He met Islam which was nice. had him try a plain sheesha and a shai along with another turkish coffee.

Then we flew over to al-Azhar park. Watched the sunset and listened to Cairo's calling to the prayer. Hung out in Khan for a bit, 'raced' back home by metro, bought a blank dvd on the way and packed stuff. He gave me his Fordors guide to Egypt which was so good that it would not put me to nap as I was hoping. I did, eventually, fall asleep. only to wake up at 2am with a big FUCK! I was not 5 hours late to a going away party. oh well, went anyway. Had fun, met some cool french/libyans. Might be going to a party with them on Sunday.

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