Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day 116 Gap

Saturday Gap

two days after xmas.

woke up at 7h for a head start on a day of skiing. Woke up all of my cousins soon thereafter. We only left from the house at 9h30 though. Still got a good day of skiing in. By the time we rented everything and were on the slopes, it was only 10h30. Rather impressive given the size and inertia of our delegation.
Leopold took an hour long lesson. After lunch he came with us which was slightly annoying but made fun anyway by my sister and I distracting ourselves from the slow pace by playing tag. I ran into her and made her fall once. We also kinda sandwich a poor innocent lady.
One noteworthy event: on a two person ski lift, I started talking to a man from Marseille. First I told him about my Marseille argot book that I got for xmas. Then I told him I'm from Chicago and it turns out he's a Cubs fan. Totally french, but a total cubs fan. He got a subscription to a US sports channel just to watch them. And he just sorta got turned on to them. Partly because they're such underdogs. So funny happening, it's a globalized world?... sorry for the redundancy...

tonight, raclette. soooo yummy, I prepared the cheese. couldn't help but eat a few pieces from each of the three... life's good.

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