Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday, voting day updated

I walked into a voting location today. It was pretty well organized. There were soldiers with rifles keeping the safety though. Weird. But yea, a politician who lives across the street from the election location was there, smiling, talking to last minute voters.

Studied the whole evening with Gonz for Tuesday's test on which i have to get a FLAWLESS grade in order for my stupid program to transfer the grade as an A. So not fair. And it's SO hard to get a 10/10.
But anyway, I'm studying really hard and think I can do it. All tonight, and all tomorrow... THere's nothing like a LOT of pressure to get one's toosh motivated...

Kirchner won. NOT. His party lost seats in the senate and lost the general Buenos Aires vote. That's what you get for moving vote dates around.

B, I'll be home around August 3rd, ojala.

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Nishida said...

hey im coming home too on aug 3rd what time mister and what airport you can tell me via facebook sir