Thursday, June 25, 2009

realestate and mario's dinner

when i feel like it, i'll talk about these two.

Mario had about 20 kids over as birthday dinners. Who cares about the birthday... I just wanted the delicious food made by S. He made us an arab meal. Taboule, couscous, the best humus ever... it was SMOKED... salad, beans (more latin than arab)
with WINE!
yay! happy birthday everyone!

Also, talked to S after, besides being a chef, he's also an architect. He told me that the best place to buy real-estate is in la boca as well as barrancas. In theory, I agree, although I still need to go to both and walk around. But yes, in theory because they're both very close to the downtown area and have good axes of transportation to and from the center. I could picture rich bankers living in remodeled 19th century apartments...

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Lindsay said...

You would have to consider different things if you want to buy a place in BA. It is not only about being close to downtown. Firstly, you need to figure out what the purpose of the purchase is. If you was to use the real estate as many people that have their buenos aires apartments rented by tourists, then you need to get a place in Palermo. If you want luxe to live yourself, Puerto Madero. And if you want to be near Downtown you can choose Belgrano.
that is my view!