Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today when talking to my dad, he asked me, When are you going to cut your hair? (haven't showered yet today) When are you going to get a crew cut(all off)? I answer, that I can't get a crew cut because I have a hideous scar/tumor on the side of my head which just won't permit a crew cut.
He says "oh, well then just cut around it!"
ooh dad.

two weeks ago I was in Mendoza.

A went on a horseback riding tour of the andes and I went to a famous bodega about an hour from Mendoza, in Lujan. Bodega Norton. There are tons of fb pictures. The tour we did was 30 pesos. It included a nice glass of rosé champagne and then a tour of the wine making process. In this we got to taste the wine in its different stages of production. The first cup, was acid, violet, and disgusting. We poured it into our cups directly out of the 500,000 liter vats. The second glass was from the oak barrel but it had just begun maturing so it was still pretty bad. We took it directly out of the barrel with a pipette. The last glass was the final product which was much much better, but still not amazing if you ask me, but that's just me. A Brazilian sommelier on the tour thought it was great.
The view from the villa overlooking the vineyards with the Andes in the background was breathtaking.

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