Friday, June 26, 2009


in class it was just me, the prof, and the visiting prof. Jerks didn't come. but it's ok as it was super interesting, and quite personalized. Got to get them to talk about whatever I wanted. Talked about argentine security, drug trafficking, us security.

After class, I went to the UCA to try to get signed up to my exam. The office was closed. The following day I realized that I had been told to go the wrong office.

Went to tango lesson. It had been almost a month since the last time but it was really nice dancing again.

Then went to see a play called "la pipa de la paz" which I highly recommend. It's playing at Esmerelda 449, at the Maipu theater. About a old and crazy mom and her young, idealist son. He come down from NYC (peacemaker for UN) to fix things for his mom between her and his sisters. Turns out the mom is kinda crazy, but just afraid of being old, dying, retirement homes. But that's not the main point to take from it, thre's much more. It is hilarious, I didn't stop laughing except the times when it got really sad from touching on those human emotions that *involve crying*. REALLY GOOD> GO TO BUENOS AIRES TO SEE IT IF YOU ARE READING THIS

then went out for pizza with Mario and the rest of the kids that were there. he has awesome friends. One of them works in theatre and pointed out a few not-so-obvious, but important flaws of the play.

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