Wednesday, June 24, 2009

hmm 2

when I come tonight after dinner, I'm going to write about three different wines I have here at home. This, of course, while writing a foreign policy paper.
haha I'm such a snob.

Nevermind about wine, I think there's something more pressing to write about here. The elections are coming up soon, on Sunday to be exact.
Now, first of all, I need to mention that these elections usually take place two months later, and these elections are for the deputies and senators who will take offices in DECEMBER. It is ABSURD to have to vote for someone who will take office 6 months later!!!
This was changed by the Kirchner Government, it was approved by law,


Another aberrance was on the news last night. There is a group of indigenous Gauranies in the northern provence of Formosa who have been deprived of their documentation and this identity. They were taken from them them by the authority of that region so that they won't be able to vote come Sunday morning. Of course, they're going to vote against the person in charge, who totally denies having anything to do with their documents and denies knowing where they are.
THis isn't the first time that this has happened to the Guaranies though. In past years, they would travel to the location for the vote, they would stay there the night, be fed and given blankets, and then magically, the next morning they would be given their documentation back, right before their vote. Food+blankets+poverty=vote? maybe? talk about coercion...

also, just one last thing, Scioli, the current Governor of Buenos Aires, is also running for deputy chair. Scioli and Kirchner are both running for different deputy seats in the same party (Kirchner's) for the region of BA. On the ballots here, there is a system where, because Scioli is in Kirchner's party, and if scioli decides not to accept his position as deputy, all his votes go to K. There is a big scandal as to how this is just a trap to get more people to vote for K. And what if he does accept the position? does he keep the position of Governor of Buenos Aires too? nobody really knows, and the 'judges' are saying the situation is legal.




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Claire said...

Formosa is a pretty shitty place. Horrible human rights track record. At least they aren't killing Guaranis anymore!