Saturday, June 20, 2009

fridays and Mendoza flashback

Yesterday I finally received a letter from my dad. He posted it nearly one month ago. Horray for snail mail.
Also yesterday, I had a delicious homemade (by a real (half) Mexican) Mexican lunch with S and J. I really need to hit them back up with the equivalent in wine tasting. The main dish was quesadillas but this was garnished with toooo many other dishes. Namely, Nopal (cactus, delicious but the juice reminds me of Beethoven the dog's drool), thin paper slices of carrots doused in lemon juice, guacamole, Michelada (spicy drink, I also added jalapeno seeds) salsa, beans, rice, an authentic Mexican meal, quoi.
I learned from S, who is Columbian, that in Columbia, people use the word "regalar" (to offer a gift) instead of the word "vender" (to sell). This makes for some funny situations when transferred to other Hispanic countries. (e.g. "hell no, i'm not giving you this lcd! *punch*)

Later I was also offered an awesome shirt. It reminds me of my grandpa and my grandpa's bowling shirt. It's definitely a grandpa shirt. It's gold yellow with grey blueish winged-lions and gold coloured pillars. Made in Italy with Egyptian cotton. One peso, sea ~30US cents. gota love thrift shopping. look out for pictures of it on fb.


Let's shoot two weeks into the past and pretend I'm currently in mendoza publishing this from my hostel.
Arrived in Mendoza around 10am. Found a great hostel run by super friendly women.Dropped our stuff off and went off to the bikes and wine tour. We did about 5 different stops, took pictures, had a nice time.
Got back to hostel late.
Ate at a delicious pizza place.
Made plans for tomorrow.
tomorrow: police encounters following a nortonic experience.

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