Wednesday, June 24, 2009

hmm numb leg.

post, to be updated later tonight... or tomorrow...

so, 5 days, ago, or this past Thursday the 18th, I woke up and could not feel anything in the anterior part of my lower leg, otherwise known as my shin. This numbness continues on up until right above my knee. It feels like the blood circulation is cut off, but I can still walk and run perfectly fine. Just, there's no feeling.
This lack of feeling has been wearing off, at least I think, these past two days. I'm not sure if the nerves are working again, (if they were ever malfunctioning) or if it' s just my brain making up the sensation.

Point being, something strange and unexplained also happened to me in Cairo last semester, I found a suspicious bump in my neck area and had to get it checked out. Ended up being nothing and went away soon after, but still, I guess it was just weird. I don't like when my body does stuff on its own without being told.

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