Sunday, July 20, 2008

return to Chi-town

There some going sort of police raid at 5pm the Dona Tereza caught wind of so I had to leave at 4:30 instead. This was supposed to be where they check everyone's documents within a certain neighborhood. Anyway, dona Teresa's super networking skills allowed me to be ontime to my flight.
a kanye west about coming back to Chicago. Very appropriate.

I didn't sleep enough on my flight, I was still sick from the Paraty beach and then a cold sore broke out on my lip. As soon as I left the house to go see Van and May, I stopped coughing. We hung out at the beach for about 2 hours. Van asked me to pick up a cupcake and a candle for May because it was her birthday. She really like it I think, it was a banana/nutella cupcake from a cupcake shop. That was the last time I'll see them for at least 6 months... I almost shed a tear... I hope Van's parents chill out about bit; they're really not being very fair/close minded about him seeing her (she's Buddhist, he's Christian, she's from a southern region of Burma, he's from the North)

After that I came home and started preparing for the going-away party my dad was throwing for me. A bunch of family came over and told me to "be careful in Cairo, good luck, we'll miss you."

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