Thursday, July 3, 2008

Maracanã soccer stadium

I don~t have much time to write this entry as we have to meet with professor marcello mello for a presentation at 17h. Prof mello got his phd from UIUC.

by the way, I don~t have daily access to facebook or anything else fun for that matter. That´s the reason I might not answer those as fast. The school we are at in the day time limits access to such sites.

Last night we went out to see maracanã. This is the largest latin american stadium (soccer) and the 11th largest in the world. Currently seat about 95 thousand although it originally seated 200 thousand for the 1950 world cup which it was originally built for. We only got in to the stadium after it ended-we did not have tickets... however, arguably, we had more fun outside, on the street with a street vendor -we~ll call him friendo... hehe. he warned richard not to wear his sweater because it had colours that might be seen as unfriendly to the local team.
It was an awesome experience. Got to practice Portuguese. Got back home around 3am... great fun! Dan and Felipe invented a game where they had to challenge each other to smell peoples´ hair. They would sneak up behind them and take a good waft/deep breath. It was hilarious to watch. Dan smelled this guy´s sideburn and then Felipe had to smell a girl who was sitting by the window and protected by her badass military-clothing girlfriend. They Felipe got Dan back with an idea of mine: ´smell that dog´ needless to say they were so drunk that they were very successful in all their hair smelling endeavours.
ate pronto!

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