Thursday, July 10, 2008

e pao e pedro, e o fin do camino

The first two lines of the song "Aguas de Marco". We've been listening to it and "Garota de Ipanema" a lot. Not to sound too cliché by Brazilian standards but lyrics, with a printed copy and translation, is a delightful way of learning a language.

Almost as good as having an attractive girl mouth you days of the week. In any case, better than Rosetta Stone, n´est-ce pas Dan? ;-)

Yesterday was uneventful besides my 50 minute talk with Thibault who called my from Haiti. At time our connection was poor but skype only charged him about 1.5 euros for an hour long call. Now that's globalization.

Dan went out again with his Garota. He said it was expensive (the dinner/taxi) but again, worth it as far as Portuguese lessons go :-)

Tomorrow I think I will go to a museum with the equivalent garota that I met last week at the scenarium. We might also do something tonight but I'm sure about that yet. Dan and I have both decided that we would actively seek better, more fun garotas to help pass our time here, but that these would do for now.

By the way Sophie, I am actively trying to make my writing less "Thibaud" :-)
can you hear me now?

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