Friday, July 25, 2008

Paris- le debut de la belle France...

travelers tip number 1:
in your carry on, always pack a change of underwear, socks, shirt and toothbrush. This is crucial because if your baggage is lost by aircanada you need such things. Even though your baggage will be delivered the following day if you're still in Paris, its very nice to have especially the toothbrush. These are crucial because they are so light they cause almost no interference or extra weight.

Paris is really cool. jùqdore Pqris111
Catherine picked Sophie Christina and I up at the airport and we had lunch at her place in Cachan. Then Catherine dropped Sophie and I off at Sophie's apartment where we met Stephana. Then we walked to Stephana's restaurant where she works and chilled there. She works at Da Rosas I think, a high quality grocer that also sells you its food if you sit down to eat it there. Sophie and I walked around Paris, mostly les quais de la Seine and then went back to see stephana working around midnight. This was funny even though sophie was falling asleep half the time. I, for some reason, was wide awake even til 4 am when we finally crashed at sophie's.

Wake up!!! BBZZZZZZ!!!! Sophies mom and dad ring the door bell! there plane had arrived early and woke us up at 9am!!! For some reason, again, frightening at this point, I was wide awake immediately. Only the next night did I actually sleep decently and tonight here I am again and its 2am and still not dead! oh the joys of being jetlagged...

anyway, lots has happened these past two days, visits, walks in Paris with my sister and I and other amazing stuff that i can not talk about on this blog because its way too insane!

anyway tommorrow Alex nishida is supposed to come to Paris, who knows if he actually will, and who knows when or where!? certainly not sophie and I... nice going Alex... way to be organized...
well stephana also did become homeless thus ginving u no place to stay. Well you can stay with me, it's ok.

well im writing to myself as if this were a real diary... im crazy and jetlagged... in that order

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