Monday, July 14, 2008

new favorite passtime... haircuts...

Friday, nothing special, we were supposed to go out with the lawyers for Carolinea's birthday (26th, I think, although Dan thinks she's only 24... shhh... don't tell him...)
Instead, and yes, typical of me, I took a nap, fell asleep around 21h. When I woke up it was midnight and I thought Dan and Richard had left for the party but in fact I found them sound asleep in their room also practicing the "short" 30 minute nap activity...
I woke Richard up with a whisper and Dan with a slap on the ass to see if we could salvage the night. Unfortunately Dan was down for the count. So Richard and I went down to the MudBug bar next door for a couple of beers and an hour of nice chatting.

Lazy Saturday... Woke up 8am... we all hung out at the beach until about 2pm. This was pretty cool, as mid-day beach bumming goes.

Around 3pm we left to go see a 4pm movie. Great movie. Entitled "la banda" in Portuguese. About a Egyptian Band (dressed in blue policemen cotumes) that comes to Israel to play for the inauguration of an Arab cultural center. Needless to say they get lost and have trouble getting to their destination. They get taken in for the night by an attractive, coquette, clever Israeli woman in a small deserted Israeli town. She helps them to get food and scatters them among her different friend's houses. Nothing really happens in this movie but the dialogue is hilarious(especially the scene in the rollerblading club). The dialogues, the interations, the harmony between these two different cultures make it great. I think it was originally written as a play because of its format. Anyway, read some review of it and then go see it if you can.
The craziest thing about it was the languages... It was in English, Arabic, Hebrew and subtitles in Portuguese... talk about languages... but it was fun switching between the three, trying to get the most of what was going on when they were not speaking English.

Sunday, again, lazy, mandatory 8am wake up call. My goal for that morning was to "get a haircut in Brazil" i.e. a Brazilian haircut. The idea behind this is, you never really know a country until you can say you got a haircut in it. So I went out, got myself a postcard, and walked over to that barber shop I've been eyeing for the past two weeks. Sadly, I arrived just minutes after it closed for the day. Things close early on Sundays in Brazil... lesson learned... I will not give up in this quest! Wednesday, when we get back from Paraty, or even in Paraty, I will get a Brazilian haircut!

After this I went to the beach, this time alone. Richard felt like doing his regressions/playing his videogames and Dan was buying our bus tickets for Paraty. Did some working out, tried to get a tan, but not too tan, and then... I ran. Hardcore. This time I went to the end of the beach and back. Not any kind of running though, water running. It's a new thing, I just invented it this weekend. Running through the waves as they crash up against the shore and then receed back into the ocean. It's like running with a blanket of water being pulled sideways underneath you. It makes you feel like you're running sideways, or backwards, or forwards superfast (depending on which way the waves are moving) !!! coolest feeling ever !!! And then because you're overheating from running through this thick sand, you can just cool off in the ocean. Very convenient ^^
(small problem with water running, your calfs are very sore the next day... today I've been walking like I engaged in some "rough" activities last night... :) jk

Then we went to the hippie fair again. I bought a beach blanket with the Brazilian flag on it. Walked around and went to the beach again... ran again... :-)

yea, and last night Dan and I stayed up late. We went to the beach to play chess at this beachside cafe/restaurant. This beggar kid came up to us and started chatting/bothering/amusing us. He played a very crude game of chess with Dan. Dan promised to translate his paper saying why he needed money -this 12 year old claimed to be 18 and have 2 sons- into English so that he could be more efficient and target more foreign tourists... hehe... Eventually he went away and let us play chess. Around 0h30 we retreated to the apartment and continued chatting, this time our conversation turning to girls... fell into dream land around 2h30.

Today, Monday, we go to the favellas with Mello and then take the bus for Paraty! My next post might not be before Thursday depending on internet in Paraty hotels.

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