Thursday, July 17, 2008

Last day in Brazil

...Continued from Wednesday's post

Our bus arrived in Rio at 1am and we took a bus back to Paula Freitas (our street). The bus was only 2.10 reais. I woke up in the middle of the night dretched in sweat, took a hot shower and went back to bed (the other bed,the dry one).
This morning was very slow. I wouldn't have gotten out of bed if it weren't for Dona Teresa's gentle touch and concern for me being sick.
I still have two postcards to write.
We should be going out with Marcello Mello soon for lunch.
I miss the hostel.
I am looking forward to going back to Chicago to hang out with Van and his "hot Asian girls" on the beach, most of all.... most of all... MOST of all... I like the way you moooove (bodyrockers song) no , sorry, most of all, I am looking forward to France and then Egypt.
I randomly e-met this Brazilian Muslim girl who will also be in Cairo next semester. We've exchanged about 6 emails so far and she seems very cool and down for some Caipirinha parties in Cairo.

Good bye Brazil! It was nice getting to know you! I will miss you dearly and I plan on coming back to visit you soon!

Chicago here I come!

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