Saturday, March 23, 2013

Thoughts on Egypt's Long Term Future (from a taxi driver)

(you can skip this first paragraph if you want to go straight to the point, it just provides some context)

So, a few weeks back, I was taking a taxi, talking to the taxi driver who happened to be Catholic. He was from the popular Imbaba neighborhood where there also happens to be a Catholic church. Our conversation turned to the typical "what do you think of Egypt?" topic and, after talking about how everyone is emigrating out of here, he shared some of his rather pessimist thoughts on Egypt's medium-term future. I dismissed at first but have been thinking about them lately, especially after reading this article about restricting aid to Egypt:

Most alarming about this article is: [If Egypt does not abide by the Camp David Accords] then Egypt should not only be deemed unworthy of our billions in foreign assistance; it should give us cause to reconsider [read: you can interpret the word "reconsider" however you want, but for me this is the beginning of the kind of rhetoric which might lead to "less friendly" (understatement) relations (see more below)] the Morsi government’s intentions for the peace and stability of the entire region,” Sen. Paul said. [read: if we go to war with Egypt for the sake of peace and stability in the "region" (Israel) then it'll be Egypt's fault]

Basically, the taxi driver said that, with how the Islamists are taking over, Egypt, in the next 10-25 years, would become the U.S.'s next Iraq/Afghanistan. Obama's tacit approval of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood is a malicious testament to this –supporting Egypt now, as it (perhaps seemingly, time will tell) grows in an Islamist state, is just the first step of creating a new enemy for it's ever-war-hungry military industrial complex war machine. Of course, the Catholic taxi driver feared that Egypt's Christians would bear a great deal of the fallout from a war between The West and Egypt. Himself, being about 45 years old, was too old to leave now, but thought that all Egyptian Christians should get out while they still could.

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