Monday, March 11, 2013

street dog sleep deprivation

I want to save this memory:

Last night, one of the tan-colored neighborhood street dogs started barking his heart out from around 230 to 5am. Non-stop. He just stood there barking, in the middle of the street. Spurts of three consecutive barks every 5-7 seconds. I think something must have happened to his street dog habiba. He was barking out of desperation, like he was trying to find her, or making noise so she would find him. Sad in a way. Yet infuriating when one is trying to sleep at 4am.

Even though I like this dog and sometimes pet and scratch him in front of the King hotel, I had thoughts of going out there and throwing rocks at him and even killing him. Sleep deprivation can make one think such things. I also thought about how no one else from the neighborhood was doing anything about it and figured that as a foreigner I should follow suit. But I also thought that they might take me for the hero of the street if I somehow shut him up and they found out about it.
Found some earplugs, but that didn't do much to help. I watched some episodes of Season2Rome (I secretly wanted to anyway) and by 5am he had stopped. I'm glad I didn't throw rocks at him.

Today, the dog was no where to be found. I hope he and his wifeling are okay. But I also hope he doesn't start that shit again. 

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