Friday, March 22, 2013

Ocean Blue Heliopolis

This is the front and back of a ridiculous poster that someone left at an ahua by my house in Dokki. 
It's for some kind of luxurious living hotel residence. In the heart of New Cairo. 
In this post I just wanted to draw some attention as to how blatantly they are targeting their desired customers:

 Full room service, maids, etc. But don't worry, you won't have to look at their face or acknowledge them as human beings. Just maids. (they conveniently made sure that the maid's face does not appear).

Fine living.

We're trying to attract the kind of young professional women who is obsessed with working out, especially her lower body (note: reflection of ass in mirror). This should make a nice match with our hulky, weight-obsessed male residents.

Think all that working out will actually every be useful? Nope, don't worry, we'll have security guards and 24/7 surveillance to "keep you safe" from all that insecurity and riff raff out there these days.

And yes, a playground for your kids. Because we know you're too busy working out to actually look after them yourself.

Basically, we'll have a lot of water for you. Cascade, pool, palm trees and all. After all, you will be living in "ocean blue"... we wouldn't want you to turn red. 

Right next to the airport too. Lots of nice noisy planes flying overhead. 

I would hate to live, or grow up here. 

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