Saturday, March 16, 2013

Street Dog Sleep Deprivation continued

And so, yes, this street dog (or should I say street bitch)-sleep deprivation continues. I soon figured out that it was not a male, but rather, a female, and that Spring is here, so she's in heat. This, for some reason is causing her to bark like hormone-ridden mid-twenty-year-old boy. Dogs can really bark a long time.
I gave up the idea of throwing rocks (although I had readied a small pile of them on my balcony) and just dealt with it. This meant being woken up almost every night of the week so far. That, coupled with sleeping on the floor (over a yoga mat and a few blankets) –an attempt to improve my posture among other things– made last week a rough week. Headaches abound, especially the kind that when you blink your right eyelid, there's pain in the back right side of your brain/head.
Hopefully it will be over soon.
Egypt prevails. 

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