Monday, March 23, 2009


Sunday, Day 36

This weekend was nice.

Thursday evening my brain overloaded and exploded trying to understand what classes I should take.

Friday, I read an annoying book for Spanish class. It's called bocitas pintadas. Our teacher sold it to me like it was the best book ever but it really just sucks. 80 pages of hard vocab and complex human interactions.
Friday night, went out around 22h30. Met S 30 minutes late because I confused Guatemala street with Honduras Street. We had an outdoor cocktail a at corner bar. I used her as a sounding board for my class problem. After that, I introduced her to some friends of mine. We went to a Columbian girl's apartment, near by my apartment. That was fun. After about 1 hour of confusion as to where to go next brought about because no body wanted to pay 50 pesos (15 bucks) to get into paris hilton type clubs. (oh funny moment, we were outside of a club, we could hear the music coming from inside. I was commenting on how shitty the dj's transitions were and how he had no genre flow. Then we were all happy because he a great fat boy slim but then i commented on how he would probably play an offspring song right after, which has no flow whatsoever, sure enough, he did) :-) we were all amazed by me.
We all settled at a outdoor bar area. stayed there until 6 am. Then P, A and I went to a place for breakfast. Went home at 8am.

slept until 13h. Felt like shit the 'hole' day. tried to do hw, mostly just wasted away on fb. Discovered doing homework on the balcony is perfect.

Volunteered at a bike/run race from 8 til 2. Very cool. Spoke spanish the whole time. Didn't really do anything race-related, just spoke Spanish.
Found out my host mom is probably a Nazi.
Did hw, talked to S a little more than an hour.
Will now attempt to do 60 push-ups in a row, eat dinner, and then struggle with Economic Development Theory.
Yoel, help me.

هذه نهاية الإسبوعة كان جيد.

ليلة الخميس ظننت كثير و عقل انفجرت لان فكرت ان اي صفف لازم ان اخذ خلال فصل دراستي.

ليلة يوم الجمع خرجت مع صوفي في ساعة عشر و نفص. اشربنا كوكتايلات و قالتها مشكلتي الفصول. يساعدني كثير. بعد ذلك قدّّمتها على اصحابي يف شقق بنت كولومبينة

يوم السبت:
نمت حتى ساعة الوحدة. ما يملت اي شيء كل اليوم. اكشفت العمل الواجب في ال بالكون هو جيد جدا.

ساعدت في سباق الدرجة و الجري. إشتة

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