Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Valientes, a telenovela

Fine, I'll write about something that's more BA related.

This morning, about 3 minutes ago, I was watching CNN Español. They were interview a poor mexican lady about how the fall of the Mexican peso is hurting her when she goes to buy medicine for her sister who has colon cancer.
and this crucial question came to me:

Why am I not watching "Valientes"??

I suppose I've been living with two women for too long (four weeks?) and perhaps too old of women, to make it worst. We've grown into the habit of watching our telenovela Mondays through Thursdays at 10pm... ( I can hear the theme song in my head right now)

(as well as see the "actors'" glistening bodies in the intro)

Valientes is ridiculously dumb as far as 'mind stimulation' goes. I never catch myself thinking about what's going to happen next in Valientes, I merely catching myself replaying its scenes through my mind.

In a nut shell (my mind)
Valientes is about a love triangle between three HUNKY mechanic brothers and three HOT sisters (who don't know they're all sisters, and they're all half sisters).

Add money, greed, old farts, evil, humor, and LOVE
and you get yourself a GRADE A telenovela.

In my defense it's good practice for my Castellano.
I really can't find ANYTHING else which could be used in my defense.

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