Monday, March 16, 2009

Uma Patel

So, I briefly saw Uma this northern hemispheric winter. When I say briefly I mean for about 20 minutes. Furthermore, this was a very rushed 20 minutes as she was rushing off to a date (to which I had to privilege to drive her and her beaux to)

In this post, I would like to further expound on this. For beginners, I'd like to say, as I've always said, she's quite the pimp, and contrasting only with her proclivity for study and has always had great potential to 'catch' the most prized specimens. This was again proved to me by her valentine's date (it was St. Valentine's day) and the taste of their date, a classic movie: Annie Hall. Her date has always been someone nice to me, we share a main common interest, and I've heard good things about him from girls.

Forgive me for my bromides, just wanted to note that I wish I knew what became of that valentine night.

This is my friend Teresa. Nothing to do with the aforementioned.


zac. said...

I am fairly confused, this blog is changing so much.

. said...

I just don't feel like writing about BA right now. It's not inspiring me. Uma inspires me.

Uma said...

You never cease to catch me off my guard.
And I hope your recent inactivity on this blog means that people don't read it anymore!

karen lynch said...

Thibaud, how is life treating you? We all miss you. Your cousin Rose just got laid off on Friday. Wasn't expecting it. Not sure where wedding is going to be. See you soon Aunt Karen