Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ramadan day 4, Friday

Two friends and I checked out Tahrir on Friday (yesterday) for Iftar (fast-breaking). It was nice. Then we ate at a "مائدة الرحمان" (free food table) which was pretty good. The tahrir iftar was supposedly organized by the Tamarod (rebel) movement which recently organized the petition.
I fasted from food again today. no sweat. also did around 17 pull-ups and 50 pushups around 5pm. sweat.
Obama is a Supporter of terrorist. But who are the terrorist really?

Throwing waste water out onto cars.

A family going to break fast in Tahrir sq

Anti-MB poster at the entrance

Big crowds. It wasn't very organized

Interviewing someone


Make-shift tables.

LONG table of people waiting to eat. 10 minutes til sunset

Attention hoes.

the iconic revolution hipster, walking his bike through. 

the girls section, with front row seats to the stage. 

cameras to the world.

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