Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ramadan: Day 1.1 Photos of Iftar

I would like to share some photos from today, between 6:58 and 7:10. "Breakfast" was at 7pm exactly, so this is just a lot of photos of empty streets and people sitting together, breaking their fasts.

I "fasted" today, meaning I didn't eat anything (except for two dollops of honey with my three cups of coffee). Last night, I ate a hawawshi with E at Antakh (billards) around 1am, and then broke fast with my ahuagi guys (see below). Then had kofta on Dokki sq. Fasting was only difficult in the last three hours of the day.

Anyway, enjoy the photos.

Charity Table. Anyone can sit down and eat for free.

Guys from TacoBee drinking

"the uncles", my ahua. I had a few bits of rice, beans, and chicken for a few minutes before continuing my journey down Soliman Gohar 
SG deserted

Praying. The only guy I saw doing so.

Taking a break from remodeling the store, with food

Egypt's delicious, fresh veggies

getting his fix after 14 hours 

Three boys eating inside the shop. 

Chairs, ready to be cast out to host dozens of coffee-shop addicts

Fanous (lantern) lighting up the balcony with its beautiful colors 
J's place seen from a feluca (~930pm)

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